August 6, 2022

Reasons to partner with Millington.Design for your website

Eric Millington

There are approximately 6,091,029 web designers out there. Give or take. Choosing one can be hard. We may be bias, but we think we are pretty fun to work with. Here are the top five reasons why…

1.) We have worked with some pretty awesome brands

Some of the biggest brands in the world have trusted Millington.Design owner Eric Millington with their brands. From international brands like ESPN, Nike and Pillsbury to locally known brands like Pioneer Bank, RPI and Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Millington.Design has been putting it’s creative mind to work for companies of every size.

2.) 27 years experience

We built our first website in 1995. We remember thinking “Under Construction” animated .gif’s were clever. Yeah — that old.

3.) We’re creative (and we dislike web templates)

As designers, we prefer to — design. We love unique design, creative solutions and problem solving. Finding a new color palette that compliments your brand, finding real world textures to bring some of your business to the web. It’s fun — and when we get to create from scratch: we do our best work. Sometimes with a limited budget a purchased template is ok. We’ve had clients where that option offered the most bang for their buck.

4.) Affordable

We promise creative, professional design services for reasonable prices. This means a from scratch “business card” one page sites starting at $1200. We leverage the right technology for your project (and budget) even using pre-made templates when it makes sense for your project and budget. Of course, affordable is relative. We’ve had potential clients want an “amazon clone”: online sales, full functionality — a huge site. The budget? $100. That’s not us (and we don’t know who it would be.)

5.) We’re fun to work with

We always want our enthusiasm for web design and graphic art to come through to our clients. This stuff is fun. We are most happy when we are nose down on a fun new creative project. We don’t want to pump out as many sites as we can, we want to make quality websites with a unique twist that our clients are proud to own.

Let’s work together

If this sound like a good fit, let’s work together. We are actively seeking new clients and can get started right away. Get a free quote and let’s get started!

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